March 3, 2014

Days 1-3

Might as well kick off this blogging thing with a bang huh? Lets see if I can actually stick with this (probably not). 

Day One: 5 Random Facts
One. I am often told I look like Hilary Duff and it's truly one of the most flattering compliments a girl could receive.
Two. If it has anything to do with giraffes, I must own it. Giraffe cereal bowl? Got it. Giraffe Christmas ornaments? An entire tree full. Giraffe stuffed animal bigger than half my body? His name is Melvin.
Three. Dance Party Taylor and Everyday Taylor are 2 different people entirely and I really do apologize if dance party Taylor offends you in any way. She really cant control herself when Ke$ha is playing. 
Four. Chicken nuggets will forever be a staple in my diet and that's just all there is to it.
Five. I see absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that I watch a Harry Potter movie at least twice a week. 

Day Two: Fave Quote(s)
I am a huge quote lover. I have a lot of feelings (hooray for being a girl) that I often can not put into words. Thank goodness for Pinterest right? My favorites often wind up being conference talk quotes because serious what is better than direct revelation from God himself through prophets and apostles. I especially love when the prophets are sassy because that just proves further that the church is true to me. Each of these quotes came to me right when I needed them and are often repeated in my head daily. Yay for well-said words!

Day Three: What makes you happy?
I pondered over this questions for quite some time and ended up choosing things 2 specific pictures for many reasons. Let's begin shall we?
1. Disneyland...need I say more?
2. Christmas time at Disneyland
3. The Tea Cups are arguably my favorite ride and also my favorite Disneyland tradition with my dad. We must ride the tea cups at least once during every Disney trip and we have many pictures in the exact same spot to prove it.
4. Family vacations in general. All my favorite memories are from our little family adventures no matter where we may go. 
5. My mom and dad truly make me the most happy. I am so so so very lucky to have them as my parents. I laugh until it hurts whenever we are together and the adventures we have just the three of us are memories i will cherish forever! Its so very cheesy but also so very true. I love them tons!