March 6, 2014

Days 4-6

Day Four: Best childhood memory

Clearly there's a trend arising on this blog that is anything Disney = Happiness. Picking a favorite childhood memory is hard because honestly I am still in my childhood and the memories are still happening. I honestly couldn't decided between this trip and when my parents surprised me with a car on my 16th birthday and only ended up choosing this because I actually have pictures from the trip on my computer here in Utah. 

This trip to Disney World was unlike any other Disney trip I have ever taken because this one was 100% a surprise. I had no idea my parents we're planning it and when they finally told me about 2 weeks before we were to depart, I was completely shocked. I hate surprises and I  almost always find them out so they definitely worked hard to pull this off.

The entire week in Disney World was so much fun and our little family has many inside jokes from those 7 days to laugh about now. Plus to top it all off, it was Christmas time so everything was decorated and all the special shows and parades were going on. We had a blast and I am so very lucky that my parents are so sneaky and love Disney just as much as I do!

Day Five: Movies you never get sick of watching

1: My love for all things 80's lives strong in movie classics such as The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink. There's just something about teenage angst and romance and rebellion, not to mention the fashion and music, that I simply cant get enough off. 
2: Hi, I am a classic teenage white girl and I am unreasonably obsessed with Frozen. Yes I saw it 4 times in theaters. Yes I know every song by heart. Yes I spent an obscene amount of money on a stuffed animal Olf doll from Disneyland. 
3: Does this one even need an explanation? If you know me at all then this would come as no surprise to you. Harry Potter is my life. I had to have my parents personally ship all 8 DVD's out to me here in Utah because I was having severe withdraws. I watch at least one of the eight movies a week. You're welcome to join me.  

Day Six: Last random act of kindness

Kindness is something I feel is all in the little things. A simple smile, a hello to someone sitting all alone, complimenting a stranger, offering a hug, giving advice to your best friend, putting someones happiness before your own...all these things often go unnoticed and unrecognized, but I feel that's the truest form of kindness there is. Kindness needs no praise or reward. I try to do nice things for others simply to see them happy and that's all there is to it. I try and fill my day with all those things I listed above. My hope is that maybe if someone sees me smiling at them, then they'll smile at someone new too. Then the cycle will continue and soon the whole world will be smiling. Wouldn't that be great? :)