March 9, 2014

Days 7-9 + Late Night Rambling

Day Seven: Dream job
Doesn't everyone just want to be Meryle Streep in The Devil Wears Prada? 
To be honest, my ultimate dream job is to just be an amazing wife and mother to my future spouse and family. But I also know that being a stay at home mom will eventually become incredibly redundant and boring for someone like me who loves to be out and about and constantly busy with something new so that is why I would love Love LOVE to get into the fashion/beauty world. As I have mentioned on here previously, I would love to do some sort of fashion blogging/fashion journalism type of thing. I have a huge love for the written word and am constantly scribbling down my thoughts in journals and blogs and of course, twitter. To be able to write about what I love most (fashion, beauty, health, fitness, food, etc...) and be able to call it my job and establish relationships with brands and companies as well as my readers would be awesome. At the end of the day, I just want to help people put their best self out in the world. Whether those people are my children, my husband, or my readers, it doesn't matter. I want to be able to inspire confidence and happiness in the people around me.

Day Eight: Biggest pet peeve
My biggest pet peeves are absolutely ridiculous and way harsh and critical but they're just silly things that bother me to no end. 
1: When people say "Pretty much" before a sentence. For example, "SO pretty much today I blah blah blah...". I'm not sure why this bothers me, it just does. It sounds dumb and I just don't understand the point of wasting your breath on those unnecessary words.
2: Girls who don't dress for the weather. Or girls who are just very seasonally confused. For example....uggs with shorts are one big fat NO. Also, flip flops and a snow jacket. Stop mixing seasons. There's no way your feet are warm just because you have a snow jacket covering your arms. Dress for the weather or enjoy hypothermia. The decision is yours.
3: Winky faces over text. They're just weird and need to not be a thing. 

Day Nine: Your bucket list
My bucket list is actually unreasonably long so I will spare you a list of 136 outrageous things and give ya the top 5!
Five: Work at Disney as a princess
Four: Visit NYC at Christmas time and go ice skating at Rockefeller Center 
Three: Sit front row at a Taylor Swift concert
Two: Run a 1/2 marathon
One: Get married in the temple

It is currently 1:16am and I'm working out/making banana bread/listening to 90's throwback music because I took an extremely unnecessary 4 hour nap today. 
Also this weekend we went to a dance party that basically only played 70's disco music all night and yes I had a fabulous time. 
And my parents are coming in a week! You know what that on pictures on pictures (and free food of course). 
And this Tuesday me and the roomie are going to SLC for Disney auditions. Its totally for fun and we're not expecting to make it past the first round but wish us luck. Who knows, I may be the next Queen Elsa! 
And I registered for classes for spring/summer term and have already begun mentally preparing myself to die this next semester. 16 credits plus working plus trying to maybe have a life is actually my definition of hell but one of my classes is Scuba Diving. Yes, you read that correctly. 4 hours Wednesday nights. And at the end of the semester, if you pass the class, you become certified as an open water scuba diver. Frick yes!
Also, I've put myself on this diet that I think I have cheated on every single day this week but basically I'm not supposed to eat white carbs like white bread, white rice, and pastries and stop eating soda because the Mountain Dew addiction is way too real and also no chocolate chips because I developed this issue where I eat handful upon handful of chocolate chips daily. And nothing fried like french fries and chips and tempura sushi rolls and donuts. To be honest I've actually done really well except I had pizza once and I had soda once (but it was diet) and I had a SWIG cookie once which I am almost positive is laced with heroine or crystal meth or something of that nature because they're so addicting it is truly out of this world.
And last but not least, there is a new video up on my YouTube channel so go watch if you enjoy makeup and hair and fashion and all that kinda stuff!