March 20, 2014


My parents came to visit this past weekend and let me tell ya....the only thing that could make Utah even more perfect than it already is would be having my parents living here too. Why does California have to be so dang far? We had buckets of fun eating and touring and catching up. Luckily, I'll be seeing them in 20 days in NYC so when they left it was less like a "goodbye" and more of a "see ya soon" kinda deal (but my mom still cried). This was their first time back since we moved me here back in January so this time I was able to show them the daily routine of my life like where I work, where I grocery shop, my fave places to eat, and all sorts of stuff like that.
Here's a quick recap of the weekend complete with iPhone pics

Parents got in around 2ish so our first stop was Lunch at Mimi's cafe and a whole lot of catching up. Even though I talk to them on the phone or face time almost every day, there was still so much to say.
Then we went to my great grandma Jarman's grave (with a pit stop along the way to buy some girl scout cookies) to put down flowers for her birthday. After driving around the creepy cemetery for 45 minuets looking for her grave site (all we knew was it was by a tree....plot twist: there's 25 trees) we finally found it, took some pics, and we were back on the road.
I had always wanted to go see the Draper temple up close since I drive by it on my way to SLC all the time so that was our next stop. Definitely worth the drive up the hill. Am I allowed to have a favorite temple? Cause this might be it.
By the time we drove all the way to draper and back lunch was gone (and some how so were all the girl scout cookies we had bought were gone too....) so we met up with my cousin and her boyf for dinner at PF Changs where I went into a slight food coma after the coconut ice cream dessert. Seriously go get some. Like now.

To read about/see all the temples we visited on Saturday click here!
Saturday was windy in the most obnoxious way so we spent most of the day driving. We visited 6 temples in 24 hours along with driving around aimlessly looking for the UP house in Herriman Utah. It so stinking cute I would die to live there. It was so windy and none of the pictures turned out too great but it's adorable and the kids that live there officially have the coolest parents ever (sorry mom and dad).
After lots of driving we ended up in SLC for some dinner and shopping in City Creek. We ate at the Lion House and took some outfit pictures which you can see by clicking here and then we wandered around for a while. It was still really cold and breezy and City Creek is an outside mall, but we made the best of it. I sure missed spending almost all my free time with my parents when I was living at home. They're too much fun!

Sunday was my parents last day in town and luckily the weather was absolutely perfect. We drove up the canyon to film some YouTube videos and take some pictures (click here) and then had a super yummy lunch before taking the rest of the day to just chill. We were all pretty exhausted from our busy weekend so naps were much needed. I also got to show them Center Street and the new temple being built down there. Having 2 temples within walking distance is so cool and such a blessing. We ended the day with doing just that, walking up to the Provo temple and taking some really classy family selfies before saying goodbye. My mom cried (like usual) and I hated seeing them go but absolutely can not wait until New York City. It was a weekend full of fun and I was constantly reminded of how lucky and blessed I am to have the greatest parents in the whole wide world. We always have fun and I hate that they live so far away but thank goodness for facetime and texting. Love ya mom and dad, see you soon! LUFFS (inside joke)