March 2, 2014

hi hey hello

So I made an executive decision that I needed to start blogging again. I also made the executive decision that this blog needed to start going in the same direction that I'm going myself so thus, the make over.

Life has changed a lot all of a sudden but I am pleased to report not only are things good, things are great!
I've changed my major for the third time since I began this out-of-control college journey (I'm now going into business marketing in case you were wondering), I live in freaking Utah now waiting to figure out what school I'm going to attend in the summer/fall (inset anxiety attack here), I'm an internet sensation (lol no I'm not, but go watch my videos if you want to feel a lot of second-hand embarrassment), and also I'm having loads of fun being an "adult" and living on my own and going to work every morning and grocery shopping and all that shiz that comes with moving out.

I've really been struggling lately with career moves and what I'm actually supposed to do with my life lately, kinda like a midlife crisis at the age of 18. YouTube has really started to take off and grow into a lot more than just a little hobby of mine and because of that, I have realized how much I love styling, makeup, hair, health and wellness, and just 'lifestyle' in general. Its fun for me to talk about and even more fun for me to call it my job. I never thought I could do anything related to "lifestyle blogging" as a profession, but alas....I have decided I want to be a professional lifestyle blogger. I want to basically brand myself (sounds like a prostitute....I promise it's not), and create my own business that can range anywhere from styling, doing makeup/hair, tutorials, and just blogging about my daily doings. A "lifestyle specialist'? Is that a thing? I know I'm not professionally trained in any of the above areas, but it's all things I am incredibly passionate about and passion is like 9/10ths of any job anyways right? I mostly just want to help people put their best self forward both through inner and outer beauty. Helping people be confident and happy has been and always will be my number one goal. SO here we go.

About the blog name: My name is Taylor and I'm a girl. I figured if i was going to brand myself, might as well be as straight forward as possible. This blog is going to be approximately 50% personal posts about about my daily doings and 50% beauty/fashion/health posts. Kapeesh?

So stick around cause this is going to be really fun. Also, shameless self promotion, don't forget to check out my YouTube channel where I post video tutorials on fashion, hair, and makeup, twice a week! Link is over in the side bar!

xoxo and happy Sunday!