March 23, 2014

How Lucky am I?

Today has been a beautiful day. I've felt the spirit from the moment I woke up this morning and just had a smile on my face throughout all my Sunday doings. Maybe it's because we had chocolate cake in sunday school or maybe it's because it is 70 degrees outside today or maybe it's because I simply love my Savior with all my heart. Whatever the reason may be, I am so very thankful for so many things. 

Since the start of the year I have been doing this thing where, during the time that the boys pass the sacrament, I use that silence to have a personal conversation with my heavenly father. I try to pray for the entire time that the administration of the sacrament takes place. Rather than doing a simple prayer where I aimlessly name off all the things I'm thankful for and the blessings I want, I try to actually have a conversation with Him and allow time for Him to speak back to me. I love this so much and have been able to learn so much from Him in this short weekly conversation. I try to tell Him all the things I couldn't find words for throughout the week and I keep my heart open for any revelation He has been trying to give to me that I may have missed out on while getting caught up in the business of the week. He is so wise and so loving and so peaceful and the feeling I have after that weekly conversation is one I crave at all times. He truly is all-knowing and has such an indescribably incredible plan for me individually. Each week as I speak with Him, He reveals more and more of that plan to me and I am so in awe of the divine purpose He has for me on this earth. How lucky am I that He knows me by name and has created a life of immense happiness so full of blessings just for me. How lucky am I that He sent his son to save me. Me. Individually. He is my heavenly father and He knows me by name and He loves me more than I will every be able to comprehend. I truly stand all amazed at his work. Even just looking out my windows and seeing the grand Utah mountains rise out of the ground or the sunset over the Utah valley painting the sky in cotton candy colors, I know He created all things and He created me individually and He created my family to guide me and love me and support me on my journey to return to him. I see His hand in all aspects of my life and I am so blessed.