March 18, 2014


\\on me//
Top: TJMax (almost identical here)
Jacket: Areopostale (similar here)
Jeans: PacSun (here)
Boots: Aeropostale (here)
Beanie: I actually stole this from one of my guy friends....don't tell him.

These were taken down by the Lion House in SLC. Lets just talk about how dang good their rolls are oh my holy I think I died and went to heaven. Actually, everything on my plate was so so so delicious. Those Mormon's sure know how to cook. The church must be true. 
I've been feeling extra productive lately. Like yesterday; I didn't have work and I still woke up before 9am. I was able to finish editing videos, edit pics for a blog post, respond to some emails, grocery shop, plan FHE (i'm a FHE mom and I absolutely love my calling), and go to the gym all before 4:00. It felt so good to get so much done. I also ate extremely healthy yesterday and had a great workout so I was full of energy. This is all so strange to me because usually I absolutely have to sleep in until at least 10 or I am going to be a zombie the whole rest of the day.

Here's some quick life updates:
1. Still waiting for a call or email from Disney. Keep the positive thought and good luck prayers coming.
2. Almost at 2000 subscribers on my YouTube. You're more then welcome to help me reach this huge goal by clicking here
3. Still windy here and I am 101% over it.
4. I didn't wear an ounce of green yesterday for Saint Patrick's Day. I don't even own anything green....or pink....or red, purple, or orange. I literally only wear yellow or blue when it comes to color. 
5. I have this app that I use to keep track of how many day until something and every morning it sends me a little reminder with how many day left until I leave for New York...only 23!

Are you more of a morning person or would you rather dream the day away?