March 9, 2014

Spring Wish List

Ruffled Hems
I am absolutely loving this trend. I think it turns any simple shirt into something so unique. I am all about lots of texture in an outfit and the extra ruffle brings a whole new fabric in to play. Its the perfect amount of femininity in a simple top. I must find something like this for my spring wardrobe. 
Denim, Denim, Denim
There are oh so many versions of denim that I want to get my hands on this season. Denim is a huge trend, especially layering different types of denim in one outfit. Since its spring-time, I like to keep the denim light and lose. "Boyfriend" fit denim is my new best friend because its lose and lengthy, perfect for casual days when you just want to be comfortable. I also think a denim vest is the all-time perfect layering piece because its sleeveless so you're not dying of heat, but it adds an extra texture to the outfit. Camo has become the new neutral for the spring and I am all about mixing camo with a variety of other prints. Its perfect with polka dots, stripes, small floral patterns, and so much more. I need camo jeans. 

Bathing Suits
I have a love/hate relationship with all things swimwear. I personally think that not a single style looks good on my hawaiian hips. I'm hoping to try some high-waisted suits this year since they're basically a reverse tankini so modest is still hottest but I look less like a 8 year old and more like an 18 year old. Also I love bathing suit tops with ruffles or bows or anything like that since I am basically the president of the flat chested club. Any extra details to add a little boost on top is always welcome.
Embroidered Tops
The boho trend is my new best friend and I love the detailing in these tops. Its my favorite way to incorporate floral into your spring wardrobe. Its so versatile too because you can find every color rang imaginable from rainbow neon to soft earthy tones. They're so pretty and airy and I just love how natural it looks on billowy linen blouses. It's girly without looking superficial and prissy. 
Tick Tock on the Clock
I have this problem where I love analog watches but I don't actually know how to tell time on them. Kate Spade is actually my soul sister and her watch line is my all time favorite. The colors and hardware all scream spring to me and I need to get my hands on one of these. I want one that is bright and quirky but still classic enough to wear on a day to day basis no matter what I'm pairing it with. They're all so beautiful it is going to be impossible to chose.