March 9, 2014


How do people hold hands while running on 2 separate treadmills and why is it even necessary? Why does over half of Provo consider Gold's Gym a prime place for date night? I'm convinced that the majority of the females at Gold's are actually just husband hunting (hence the full face of makeup and the push-up bras). No, I don't want to watch you make out in the corner of the weight room or watch you hold hands while you jog on the treadmills or share headphones while you sit next to each other on the stationary bikes....I don't even want to work out anymore....I just want to throw up all over your gross relationship.

Can David Archuleta come home from his dang mission already and marry me? 

I've about reached my limit with Utah's weather. It is currently 60 outside without a cloud in the sky and Tuesday its supposed to snow. This make me incredibly unhappy on many levels. Utah, get you ish together and pick a dang season already!

How come boys like to do this thing where they make you feel awesome once day and the next day decide that you literally no longer exist on the same planet as him? This has become quite a conundrum in my life. Hi, remember me? Yes, yes I am actually still a human being and yes I am still here and YES my number is still in your phone. Luckily I came to my senses at the unsightly hour of 2am and I filmed a video of me explaining to my future self why I am a strong independent woman and that I deserve flowers thrown all around as I walk by. #swerve

Things that also aren't funny: how pale my legs are. 

Why can't I just get a degree in being an excellent mother and loving wife and a caring friend? Why is that not a thing?

Having emotions is really annoying. 

Thursday I am hiking to the Y for the first time and I've already begun mentally preparing myself. I've heard its a doozy.

Whats up with Provo boys and mopeds? I am utterly confused by this phenomenon.

I am all out of sassy things to say. Happy Sunday!