April 29, 2014


\\On Me//
Sweater: American Eagle
Harem Pants: Forever 21
Boots: Cathy Jean

This photo shoot was so much fun. Like I bet it was hard to even get pictures where I wasn't laughing because not only were these taken by one of my new favorite photographers, but these were taken by one of my new favorite friends! Katey reached out to me and asked if she could take some pics of my face for the launch of her new photography blog and of course how could I say no. We ended up becoming instant friends and have so many fun ideas planned for the future. These are just a few of the hundreds of pictures we took. I'm in love. She is magical behind the camera and has such a creative eye! If you're in Utah make sure to hit her up for all your photography needs! And while you're at it, check out her brand new site where you might just see a few more pictures of yours truly! 


Thanks for a super fun day Katey! Love you!

April 16, 2014

New York City

Maybe I should create an entirely new segment on this blog called the Travelings of Taylor because seriously I am going EVERYWHERE in the next few months! And to finish out the year strong I am going to Paris, France with my parents the first week of December! Yes! This is a real thing. Trust me, I am in just as much shock as you are. I am so excited you have no idea. Can it be December yet? 

Anyways....with that little announcement out of the way, get ready for 8 million pictures from my most recent jaunt off to nyc! It was perfect weather and we didn't do any touristy things and I hailed my first cab so needless to say, the trip was a complete success. I'm so happy my parents got to join me and I am so very lucky that I'm able to say this entire trip was a business trip. Don't you just love having a job that you enjoy so very much? I sure do! The whole reason for going to the city this past weekend was for IMATS aka the international makeup artists trade show. Since I am a beauty video blogger on YouTube, I was able to attend the conference and see tons of brands new products and collections as well as sit in on makeup classes by some world-renowned makeup artists. The rest of the trip was full of shopping, eating, and picture taking while we enjoyed springtime in the city. I can't wait to move there after I graduate! New York City has my heart in so many ways.

 Day One///

Day one was mostly a travel day. I met my mom at the SLC airport and we chatted for the entire 5 hours as we flew from Utah to New York. Funny how much you have to talk about even though we text every single day. Once we landed we got the hotel, pulled our selves together best we could, and went for a walk around the city. Dinner was at a little diner down the street from our hotel on Broadway and dessert was at Magnolia Bakery right by Rockefeller Center. Lets just talk about those mini macaroons. SO yummy! They still had the ice skating rink open at the rock so we watched the skaters for a while before calling it a night and heading back to the hotel. My dad finally arrived a little after midnight and it was a joyous reunion. I sure missed that man.

 Day Two///

The next day was purely shopping and I probably single-handedly recovered the entire economy within 3 hours that day. We went all over 5th avenue and SoHo and also met up with one of my friends from YouTube for a little. Dinner was in Little Italy, aka the cutest area in new york city. My pizza was to die for and I'm still craving canoli after the one I had from a little bakery on the side of the road. We walked foreverrrrr but it was so beautiful with the shops all lit up. Later that night I met up with some friends at the Plaza where I ordered a 12$ Shirley Temple and drank it happily while I was surrounded by rich and famous upper east siders. It was a total Gossip Girl moment. Blair would be proud.

Day Three///
shout out to this guy who just jumped in my picture and then told me I was beautiful.

 The weather was impeccable on Sunday and we took full advantage of it. The morning was filled with business conference stuff where I got to dress up and talk to brands and look at new products and attend makeup classes. It was so much fun. I love my job! After the conference we headed to the upper east side to indulge in frozen hot chocolate and french fries at Serendipity. Nothing more delicious in the whole city and that's a fact. The wait time is always over an hour but it's worth it every time. To burn off all those calories we took a stroll through central park and enjoyed the blossoming trees and beautiful sunset. We crossed over into the upper west side and decided that when I moved to the city, this is the part of town I want to be in. The night ended with a trip to the Empire Hotel for Shirley Temples before heading back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.

Day Four///

Our last day in the city was a busy one. We woke up and headed to the brookly bridge right away. The view is AMAZING and when the weather is as good as we had it, the mile trek across the river is just so very lovely. We even managed to find the sister missionaries enjoying their p-day. After brookly, we did some final shopping and grabbed lunch, took a quick nap, and then spent the evening over by NYU. Can I transfer schools again? Washington square park is so beautiful and nyu is seriously a dream. We grabbed dinner in Little Italy again and finished the trip with one more canoli. Hopefully I ate enough to satisfy me until next time.

I love new york city and new york city sure loves me. I'll be back soon enough, and hopfully it wont just be a vacation, it'll be home sweet home. 

April 5, 2014

Let Your Faith Show!

Its my favorite weekend of the spring! Twice a year the Mormon faith holds a conference where we hear direct talks and lessons from the general leaders of our church. It is broadcast around the world in hundreds of languages so that all may have the opportunity to hear from our beloved prophet. The men and women who speak to us are providing direct revelation from our Heavenly Father and help reestablish fundamental principals of our faith into our everyday lives. I always sit on the couch all snuggled up with yummy snacks and take pages and pages of notes. Everything they say is just so good! (I especially love when the general authorities talk about their wives. It just makes my heart melt!) 

If you're at all interested in learning a little more about with my standards and beliefs are and about this incredibly faith that brings me nothing but happiness and peace, feel free to tune into BYUtv tomorrow from 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm mountain standard time. You wont regret it.

April 3, 2014

Full Bloom

Everything that I love about spring is "springing" right now and even if my nose is stuffy and my eyes are watery from my obscene allergies, I am all smiles. Popcorn is popping on the apricot trees and it surely smells soooo sweet. Utah has never been more beautiful, especially with the mountains still capped white with snow while the pastel blooms are finally coming out to enjoy the sun. The air is still crisp and chills you to the bone, but the light of the sun is finally awakening everything it touches and it is all so beautiful to me. I have never been much of an "I love spring" kind of girl but Utah might just change my mind about all that. I took a quick trip to the great SLC to snap some pictures of these cotton candy trees at the state capitol building and man oh man was it worth it. I find something new to love about SLC every single time I make the drive over and this time it was the capitol building in all its glory. The outside, the inside...it's all my favorite. Everywhere you looked little pink petals were dancing in the wind and the air smelt so fresh and floral. Hey Utah, I kinda like you.

\\on me//
Dress: Down East Basics
Long Sleeve: Target
Sandals: Target
Necklace: Forever 21
(over-sized flower is purchased from Hobby Lobby!)

Some cool things are on the horizon. 
First and foremost, I finally got a consistent and well-paying job! Yay for not having to stress the heck out about money anymore! I'm still nannying, I've just finally found a family that has consistent hours and well behaved children. It's a little bit of a jaunt to Pleasant Grove 2 days a week but its well worth it to not be sitting around bored out of my mind everyday. I also work part time tuesday/thursday at Spoon It Up Frozen Yogurt right next to campus now too so that's rather exciting. Come visit me at work and maybe I'll give ya a free sample cup (jokes on you....all the sample cups are free). 
Next, although sort of touched on in my last blog post, I have decided to not attend BYU in the spring/summer (or at all for that matter) and instead have applied to UVU with the major of Graphic Design! Who knew I was artsy and creative because I sure didn't. I am way excited and way nervous for summer term to begin but I know that this is where I belong and I am finally in a major that I love and am excited about (3rd times the charm I guess). 
Still waiting for a call or email from Disney. Keep crossing your fingers for me!
And finally....New York City is in one week from today! Can you tell I'm excited? 'Cause I sure as heck am. You best believe I already have all my outfits packed and that I have a countdown going down to the minuet on my phone. I'm just so excited to be going to my favorite city for a business trip for my favorite job (youtube) with my favorite people (my parents). 
The only thing that could make life better right now is if it would stop freaking snowing in Utah already! #ihatethesnow