June 11, 2014

Lets Get Up 2 Date

You probably thought I was dead, didn't you?
Plot twist: I'm not.
I always try to get back into blogging but then again, the only time I ever have anything to blog about is when I'm actually doing stuff which makes me too busy to blog about it. 
So then you get horribly long update posts like this one you're about to read. 
Here you go...
1. I said goodbye to my favorite boys and my favorite towne house and moved back to Roseville to figure some things out. My 5 months in Provo were the very best 5 months ever and I don't regret my choice to move out on my own at all. I met amazing people, partied every night, and learned so much about myself. These boys became so important to me so quickly and we met in the strangest way possible, but it all turned out for the best and they make me cry from laughing every single time I'm with them

 2. My best friends graduated from high school! I'm so proud of them and even more excited for them to come join me in the college world. It was truly bittersweet watching them enjoy their last few days of high school and then proudly walk across the stage and accept their diploma knowing that I could be doing the very same thing if I didn't graduate early, but I also had the most comforting and reassuring feeling that I made the right decision and am in a much happier and better place now. I love my friends and am so happy to be home to celebrate with them all summer.

3. Fake grad party for the fake grad. Graduation day is all about the pictures anyways, so we figured to do a little celebration on our own for some quality pictures and a little video shoot for a new YouTube video going live soon. 

4. Last but not least, I got my hair cut and colored. I like it a lot. This is really unnecessary to tell you but here you go anyways. 

SO to finish this off, A lot of things have changed around here. I'm back under my parents roof and I couldn't be happier about that. But I do miss Provo dearly and will always always always have a special place in my heart for the incredible people I spent the last 5 months with. My roommate became my sister and best friend in the very best way and I couldn't be more blessed to have her in my life. I went on countless dates and learned that boys are still dumb even when they're 24 and there is no way I'm getting married anytime soon. I worked my butt off, payed for all my food, utilities, and fun money, and I finally understand the true value of a dollar. I made a lot of adult decisions (changing schools, majors, etc), and some not so adult decisions (dyeing my hair pink, 3am sonic runs). I loved my calling as FHE Mom and being able to serve my ward and my church and I gotta say, my fhe husband was the best guy on the planet. I finally got the true college experience and I loved every single minuet of it. If you feel like you need to get away for even a little and start fresh, learn more about yourself, and find a way to be truly happy, I 100% recommend exploring Provo for a few months.  

Now I'm looking forward to focusing on my YouTube and spending time with my parents and friends here. Can you say lake days, late night drives to Heaven and Park on Park, and lots of snuggles with my dog? Roseville can be just as great as Provo and I can't wait for all the adventures this summer has in store.