June 29, 2014


Twelve: hour drive home from our trip to phoenix AZ. Such a fun trip with my mom to visit family and get some awesome footage for a video thats currently up on my YouTube channel.
Eleven: dollars that I currently have in my checking account. #helpmeI'mpoor
Ten: more weeks until I start back up at school. It's been a loooooong winter break for me. I haven't been in school since December, but I only have a year left and I'm finally in a major that I love. This will be good.
Nine: teenth of September, when one of my best friends gets here and we're going to San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Capitola for the weekend. I'm already so excited.
Eight: (plus 10) years old, meaning I can legally buy fireworks, meaning this 4th of July is going to be so rad.
Seven: (plus 100) is the temperature it's supposed to be tomorrow. Is this some sort of joke?
Six: months until we leave for Paris! December 4th, hurry up!
Five: weeks I've been home from Provo. I miss it a lot, but I'm also so happy to be home and focused on my incredible job on YouTube.
Four: The hour in which I've been going to bed. I'm talking A.M. people.
Three: thousand four hundred and twenty people that watch my videos on YouTube now. What in the world??? I still can't believe how fast my channel is growing and I am so very thankful to get to do what I love.
Two: days it took me to read my new book. I've been locked in my room with 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher and man, that was a great book.
One: tinder match that lead to hanging out at the huge after party of Warped Tour (massive concert with 50+ punk rock bands). Not my typical scene, but definitely the absolute craziest night of my life.

Here's some pics of my life at the moment: