July 19, 2014

Collette Astle

Back in my Utah days, I got the chance to have gorgeous roommates. They're all aspiring actresses/Broadway stars/musicians with so much talent. One of them was this little lady, Collette, who became my resident "big sister". Not only did she give the worlds best advice, but she put up with me on the best days and the worst days. We borrowed each others clothes, we sang songs in the kitchen, we went to the gym together, we made cookies and ate them all in one sitting while talking about getting healthy, we cried about boys, we danced the night away, and we both worked at the hell hole called Spoon it Up. I'm sooooo lucky that I got such awesome roommates my first time being away from home. They became my family in the very best ways and looked out for me all the time. 

Now enough with all that, I'm posting today because I've been going through a lot of pictures I've taken in the past for a portfolio I have to submit on the first day of my Photography class at school. I came across some old head shots I took of Collette for a modeling gig she was applying for. I edited some of my faves a little more and I just cant not share these. I means look at her.

I'm alwaaaaays looking for people to take some pictures of so I can practice my skills. Feel free to contact me at taylorgirlyoutube@yahoo.com and we can set up a shoot!