August 2, 2014

Thomas and Morghan

If you want to know what perfect looks like, it's these 2 right here. I had so much fun getting to take pictures of my cousin and her boyfriend this past weekend. I have over a hundred favorites so these are just a few of the many wonderful shots we got. It was over 100 degrees outside but you can't even tell because these two were just straight up professionals I'm tellin ya. I love shooting with such fun and happy couples like this and seeing their great relationship come through the lens! 

To my fellow Northern California friends: If you want some new pictures (hello instagram!) I would love to shoot with you! If you're a blogger looking for a photographer, I'm your girl! If you're a company looking to have some products reviewed and/or photographed, I would love to help you out! You can contact me at and we can chat about dates and prices and all that fun stuff!

I know you're waiting for the pics, so here ya go!
they're perfect riiiight?