March 31, 2014

Things and things and things

+ I think coming up with titles for blog posts has become the bane of my existence
+ My roommate turned 20 this weekend and I continue to remain a child
+ Swig and eating healthy are 2 things that just don't work together no matter how hard I try
+ I chose Swig over eating healthy...every time
+ I went to Swig 3 times in one day on Friday
+ I am not ashamed
+ It snowed on Wednesday and I think I swore more than I ever have in my entire life as I walked from the JSB to my car after institute. 
+ I am also not ashamed
+ New york city is just 10 days away
+ I stayed up until 6am for 2 nights in a row
+ I woke up after the second night with a fever
+ My body hates me
+ I also cut 2 inches off my hair and I'm not sure if I love it or hate it
+ And in more cutting news, I cut my finger open really badly and it bled for like 3 hours and was probably the grossest thing I've ever had to deal with in my life.

Here's some pics from the past few days. Enjoy.
Happy freaking birthday to my roommate/big sister when I need advice/best friend when I need to be crazy on a friday night/temporary mother when I cut my finger open or need snacks at church/temporary boyfriend when I need someone to snuggle with. Love you!
I made an instagram all for my food and its aptly named @whattayloreats. Go follow and enjoy.
Good people/bad quality pic
but first...let me take a selfie (shameless friday night at taco bell get baja blasts and cinnamon twists instead of going out a socializing)
more selfies
more roomate

March 28, 2014


Sometimes you don't get into the school of your dreams,
and sometimes even if you beg and plead, the admissions office workers still say no way Jose,
and sometimes that really really really sucks.

Some days you just don't eat a single vegetable
but you do eat an entire box of girl scout cookies
and half a jar of peanut butter too.

Some days you go to the mall 'just to look around'
with no intention of buying a single thing
and leave the mall with a new dress and sweater and shoes
so luckily you'll look cute while you're sad.

Sometimes you mean to drive to the gym 
but you end up at the temple parking lot instead
and decide it's perfectly okay to cry in the comfort of your own car.

Sometimes (all the time) the temple is so beautiful
and all the people walking in and out are so beautiful too
and even though life sucks
it's also just as beautiful as that temple sitting on that hill.

Sometime you feel super awkward saying a little prayer out loud in your car with people walking by
but that's alright
because the only judgment that really matters is the Lord's.

Some opportunities are put into your life for a reason 
and some are taken out for a reason too.
It's ok to not know those reasons
and it's ok to to be mad that you don't know those reasons.

Its ok.

Some people are really lucky to have awesome parents.
I'm one of those lucky people. 
And sometimes in a 2 hour conversation with those awesome parents your little awkward prayer in the temple parking lot is answered and you finally understand the reason that you didn't get into that dream school of yours.
And that's when you realize it's going to be ok.
And that eating all the girl scout cookies is ok and buying the new dress is ok and not going to the gym is ok and not knowing what your doing with your life is ok and everything is 
to be

Because we were not sent here to fail
or be miserable
or unhappy
or alone.
We were sent here to learn and grow and be tested and thrive and succeed and enjoy.

And no trial given to us will ever be too hard for us 
because He knows us
and He made us
and He planned out this existence for each of us, individually. 

So sometimes you have days
and weeks
and months
that suck.

Sometimes you feel like you're worthless and untalented and unaccomplished and unloved
and you just want to give up on being a grown up
because being a grown up is hard. 
(really hard)

Sometimes you look at people's lives on the internet and you want to see if they'll trade
because they have cuter clothes
and a boyfriend who loves them
and they got into their dream school
and everything about their life is going just swell.

But what you can't see behind the cute clothes and the good grades is that they've lost a parent
or their sibling has cancer
or that they're simply unhappy too.

Because right now being 'perfect' is all the rage
and putting on fake smiles and holding back the tears is super trendy
and you're defined by the number of likes you get on an instagram picture or how many people follow your blog.
And that's it. 

But those silly numbers don't define me
and neither does my submission to a school
or the size of my jeans. 

And today, after too many girl scout cookies and a trip to the mall that I couldn't afford and a lot of tears and a quiet prayer in front of a temple with so many beautiful people going in and out with seemingly 'perfect' lives and a 2 hour conversation with my awesome parents and changing my school and my major and my dreams...
I finally realized that the only thing that defines me is the love of the Lord
and everything was going to be perfectly ok.

March 24, 2014

Springing All Around

You know those outfit posts i've been putting up? Here's a video featuring all those and more! I got to film at some pretty beautiful locations with the help of my mother and even though it was a very blustery day, we got some pretty fun shots! Take a look and see what I'll be wearing this spring!

Interested in even more of my videos? I have a whole YouTube channel here!

March 23, 2014

How Lucky am I?

Today has been a beautiful day. I've felt the spirit from the moment I woke up this morning and just had a smile on my face throughout all my Sunday doings. Maybe it's because we had chocolate cake in sunday school or maybe it's because it is 70 degrees outside today or maybe it's because I simply love my Savior with all my heart. Whatever the reason may be, I am so very thankful for so many things. 

Since the start of the year I have been doing this thing where, during the time that the boys pass the sacrament, I use that silence to have a personal conversation with my heavenly father. I try to pray for the entire time that the administration of the sacrament takes place. Rather than doing a simple prayer where I aimlessly name off all the things I'm thankful for and the blessings I want, I try to actually have a conversation with Him and allow time for Him to speak back to me. I love this so much and have been able to learn so much from Him in this short weekly conversation. I try to tell Him all the things I couldn't find words for throughout the week and I keep my heart open for any revelation He has been trying to give to me that I may have missed out on while getting caught up in the business of the week. He is so wise and so loving and so peaceful and the feeling I have after that weekly conversation is one I crave at all times. He truly is all-knowing and has such an indescribably incredible plan for me individually. Each week as I speak with Him, He reveals more and more of that plan to me and I am so in awe of the divine purpose He has for me on this earth. How lucky am I that He knows me by name and has created a life of immense happiness so full of blessings just for me. How lucky am I that He sent his son to save me. Me. Individually. He is my heavenly father and He knows me by name and He loves me more than I will every be able to comprehend. I truly stand all amazed at his work. Even just looking out my windows and seeing the grand Utah mountains rise out of the ground or the sunset over the Utah valley painting the sky in cotton candy colors, I know He created all things and He created me individually and He created my family to guide me and love me and support me on my journey to return to him. I see His hand in all aspects of my life and I am so blessed. 

March 20, 2014


My parents came to visit this past weekend and let me tell ya....the only thing that could make Utah even more perfect than it already is would be having my parents living here too. Why does California have to be so dang far? We had buckets of fun eating and touring and catching up. Luckily, I'll be seeing them in 20 days in NYC so when they left it was less like a "goodbye" and more of a "see ya soon" kinda deal (but my mom still cried). This was their first time back since we moved me here back in January so this time I was able to show them the daily routine of my life like where I work, where I grocery shop, my fave places to eat, and all sorts of stuff like that.
Here's a quick recap of the weekend complete with iPhone pics

Parents got in around 2ish so our first stop was Lunch at Mimi's cafe and a whole lot of catching up. Even though I talk to them on the phone or face time almost every day, there was still so much to say.
Then we went to my great grandma Jarman's grave (with a pit stop along the way to buy some girl scout cookies) to put down flowers for her birthday. After driving around the creepy cemetery for 45 minuets looking for her grave site (all we knew was it was by a tree....plot twist: there's 25 trees) we finally found it, took some pics, and we were back on the road.
I had always wanted to go see the Draper temple up close since I drive by it on my way to SLC all the time so that was our next stop. Definitely worth the drive up the hill. Am I allowed to have a favorite temple? Cause this might be it.
By the time we drove all the way to draper and back lunch was gone (and some how so were all the girl scout cookies we had bought were gone too....) so we met up with my cousin and her boyf for dinner at PF Changs where I went into a slight food coma after the coconut ice cream dessert. Seriously go get some. Like now.

To read about/see all the temples we visited on Saturday click here!
Saturday was windy in the most obnoxious way so we spent most of the day driving. We visited 6 temples in 24 hours along with driving around aimlessly looking for the UP house in Herriman Utah. It so stinking cute I would die to live there. It was so windy and none of the pictures turned out too great but it's adorable and the kids that live there officially have the coolest parents ever (sorry mom and dad).
After lots of driving we ended up in SLC for some dinner and shopping in City Creek. We ate at the Lion House and took some outfit pictures which you can see by clicking here and then we wandered around for a while. It was still really cold and breezy and City Creek is an outside mall, but we made the best of it. I sure missed spending almost all my free time with my parents when I was living at home. They're too much fun!

Sunday was my parents last day in town and luckily the weather was absolutely perfect. We drove up the canyon to film some YouTube videos and take some pictures (click here) and then had a super yummy lunch before taking the rest of the day to just chill. We were all pretty exhausted from our busy weekend so naps were much needed. I also got to show them Center Street and the new temple being built down there. Having 2 temples within walking distance is so cool and such a blessing. We ended the day with doing just that, walking up to the Provo temple and taking some really classy family selfies before saying goodbye. My mom cried (like usual) and I hated seeing them go but absolutely can not wait until New York City. It was a weekend full of fun and I was constantly reminded of how lucky and blessed I am to have the greatest parents in the whole wide world. We always have fun and I hate that they live so far away but thank goodness for facetime and texting. Love ya mom and dad, see you soon! LUFFS (inside joke)

March 18, 2014


\\on me//
Top: TJMax (almost identical here)
Jacket: Areopostale (similar here)
Jeans: PacSun (here)
Boots: Aeropostale (here)
Beanie: I actually stole this from one of my guy friends....don't tell him.

These were taken down by the Lion House in SLC. Lets just talk about how dang good their rolls are oh my holy I think I died and went to heaven. Actually, everything on my plate was so so so delicious. Those Mormon's sure know how to cook. The church must be true. 
I've been feeling extra productive lately. Like yesterday; I didn't have work and I still woke up before 9am. I was able to finish editing videos, edit pics for a blog post, respond to some emails, grocery shop, plan FHE (i'm a FHE mom and I absolutely love my calling), and go to the gym all before 4:00. It felt so good to get so much done. I also ate extremely healthy yesterday and had a great workout so I was full of energy. This is all so strange to me because usually I absolutely have to sleep in until at least 10 or I am going to be a zombie the whole rest of the day.

Here's some quick life updates:
1. Still waiting for a call or email from Disney. Keep the positive thought and good luck prayers coming.
2. Almost at 2000 subscribers on my YouTube. You're more then welcome to help me reach this huge goal by clicking here
3. Still windy here and I am 101% over it.
4. I didn't wear an ounce of green yesterday for Saint Patrick's Day. I don't even own anything green....or pink....or red, purple, or orange. I literally only wear yellow or blue when it comes to color. 
5. I have this app that I use to keep track of how many day until something and every morning it sends me a little reminder with how many day left until I leave for New York...only 23!

Are you more of a morning person or would you rather dream the day away?

March 17, 2014

Worry Less, Live More

\\on me//
Top- Forever 21 (similar here and here)
Cardigan- Forever 21 (similar here and here)
Jeans- Papaya (here)
Boots- Aeropostale (here)
Necklace- Francesca's Collection (similar here and here)

It was a breezy weekend here in P-Town. The 25mph gusts made it especially hard to enjoy the sunshine that finally came out but we made the best of it. My mom and dad came to visit from California for the weekend and I soaked in ever minuet of their company before they left. Luckily, I get to see them in 23 days in my favorite city in the world! New York cant come quick enough! 
Sunday afternoon we drove up the canyon to do some filming for a new YouTube video and relish in the first signs of spring. It was absolutely beautiful everywhere we looked and even though the wind about blew me over a couple times, we snapped a few pics too! Ignore the absolutely wild hair....just ignore it. 
I'm loving these boots I picked up Saturday from Aeropostale. I shopped there in middle school and haven't been back in since (until saturday), but they actually have a lot of super affordable and good quality pieces. Most of their store was 50-70% off and I found lots of great stuff! Also, I wear this open knit cardigan over just about anything these days. It keeps my arms covered but doesn't insulate me since it's been in the 60's most days. It's really versatile and I'm all about having some key pieces that can mix and match with anything in my closet so that I'm not buying a new top every other day to switch up my look (but I still kinda do that anyways #shopaholicproblems). 

What did you do as you tried to not get swept away by the wind this weekend? 

March 16, 2014

I'm going there someday

 I've lived in Utah for almost 3 whole months now and the only time I have ever left Provo/Orem is to go to Salt Lake City. I've been wanting to visit all the temples I drive by on the way to the city and Saturday I finally had the chance. We went temple hopping and saw 6 temples in 24 hours. Draper, Oaker Mountain, Jordan, Bountiful, Provo, and Salt Lake. All beautiful, all peaceful, all holy. I can't wait to go inside someday.

And here some selfies since i know you all love my face so much!

March 13, 2014

When you wish upon a star...

So I have been talking about wanting to be a Disney princess probably since the moment I could speak in full sentences. Disney is literally my life in every way, shape, and form. So, when my roommate and I found out that Disney was holding an open casting call in Salt Lake City for face characters and parade performers we figured "why not, we have absolutely nothing to lose by at least going". I knew my chances were slim to none as I had no acting or dancing background and the only preforming I have ever done was cheer competitions and middle school plays (oh the glory days), but I figured it would be cool to at least tell people I tried out for Disney even if I got cut the first round. So, off we went.

We made the trek to SLC in a morning blizzard that came out of nowhere and finally arrived at around 9:30am. It was an hour before check-in began and the room was already packed with an array of people. Some girls came dressed like they were ready to be Ms. America, some came with heir mickey mouse sweatshirts, backpacks, and lanyards in tow, and others came in full on dance attire including leotards and ballet shoes. I, on the other hand, wore leggings, a grey t shirt, and converse. I figured my day was over before it had even began but we found a corner and started stretching out.

Eventually we were able to sign in. I was number 21 out of 197. Funnily enough, 21 has been my lucky number for as long as I can remember. We were called back into the room in groups of 50 to learn a basic marching routine. It was only two 8 counts long with nothing more difficult than a grape vine and some jazz hands. We were also asked to "come alive" for an 8 count which was basically waving, blowing kisses, and winking at imaginary parade watchers. The judges sat at the front of the room and after about 5 minuets of learning the dance with the choreographer, we had to preform the routine twice across the floor. I didn't even know we were actually being judged when we were doing the routine across the floor but as soon as the group finished we all sat down and the director began explaining that he was now going to cut the group in half. I immediately figured I was done because I didn't even know we had already been judged. They started calling out number and surely enough 21 was called! I was ecstatic! We said our goodbyes to the people who were not called and the director congratulated us on making it past round 1! Woohoo! 

Then the waiting game begun as we had to wait for the other three groups of 50 to go through the same process. About an hour later, 200 applicants was cut in half and we were called back in for round 2. This time, the director explained, they were going to teach us a much faster, much more technical parade routine. Great. I knew I was done for sure after this one. It was eight 8 counts, learned in about 15 minuets, to music with no recognizable beat. Lots of skipping, jazz hands, and princess twirls. Luckily I picked up the choreography pretty quickly (thank you cheer leading), but the technical side of things was where I struggled. Then we worked on animation where they told us to pretend like we were cartoon version of our self in a cartoon version of Disneyland. They would call out a park area such as frontierland or advnetureland and we had to pretend we were in there. This was actually way fun and a great way to get out the nerves. We practiced this a few times, went over the dance once more, and then left the room for 5 minuets before being called back in groups of six for the audition.

I was the only girl with 5 very tall boys in my group audition and I was also placed front and center. Yay
The music began and we "came alive" for two 8 counts (waving, kissing, etc), then preformed the dance twice. I ended up preforming the dance better than I had the whole time practicing. I didn't miss a beat and even made some great facials and lots of eye contact with the director. Then we did animation where I was on a safari in Adventureland and had a shootout with Woody and Jessie in Frontierland. It was super fun. Immediately after, they called three number out of the six and asked us to stay. They congratulated me and two other boys of making it to round three. I was in complete shock that I had made it to the final round.

100 applicants was eventually cut down to about 35, including me! They called in a group of about 20 girls and one by one we went in to a room with the judges and they came up uncomfortably close to 'examine' us. Lets just pause on how badly I had to sneeze during this. Then they took a million measurements and 500 pictures of my face and body at all different angles. They explained to me that I had a terrific personality when I danced and had the 'Disney' look. They also said they were impressed with how quickly I picked up the choreography and even if I missed a step, I kept on smiling and entertaining. They asked me a little about my knowledge of Disney, my availability to work, and other basic questions. Finally they told me congratulations and that they wanted me for a Face Character. I had to hold back the tears of joy at this point but inside I was jumping up and down. They let me know they would be in contact with me anytime within the next 6 months, but most likely sooner, with available positions and to begin the hiring process.

WHATTTTTTTTTTTT??????? I literally could not believe it. I have had a smile on my face for 2 days now. The whole process took about 7 hours and I was dying of hunger and exhaustion by the time we were done, but I was so happy. Now I'm just waiting for the phone call. I know it could be anytime with in the next 6 months so my hopes aren't too high about starting work anytime soon, but every time my phone rings my heart skips a beat. This is a dream come true in every way and I am so so so so so excited! Yay for Disney!  

March 12, 2014

Better Days Ahead

\\On me//
Dress: Forever 21
Denim Shirt: H&M
Open Knit Cardigan: Forever 21
Boots: Cathy Jean
Socks: Target

Thanks to my cutie pie roommate for taking these pics for me. Its so breezy today and the wind was a challenge but we persevered. Also, blog post coming soon about all the wonderful adventures that happened yesterday when I made it through all 3 callbacks of Disney World Character Auditions! Dreams do come true my friends! Say hello to your newest princess!  

Days 10-12

Day Ten: Your daily routine
Let it be known that this is my daily routine only on the days I am not working. I have 2 jobs where I work obscene hours at random times that usually take up the majority of my day so this routine is strictly for the days where I have nothing to do and nowhere to be.

9:30-11:00am Wake up (It truly ranges anywhere within this time frame depending on how late I was up the night before)
Breakfast, usually consisting of yogurt and fruit with granola or oatmeal with peanut butter and berries. Those are my go-to breakfasts that keep me very happy and very not hungry for rest of the morning
Shower/Get ready/Make a mess of my room trying to find something to wear
1:00ish Usually completely ready by now and getting hungry again. I'm not a huge 'lunch' person. I'd rather just have a larger sized snack so that is usually what I do. My faves as of late have been an Arbonne chocolate protein shake with a sliced up pink lady apple or some pretzel crisps, turkey slices, and some pineapple or mango chunks on the side. I also try to drink an entire water bottle while I sit and eat this snack because I suck at remembering to drink water. 
1:30-2:00 Leave to run any errands that need doing. I frequently end up at Sprouts, Plato's Closet, and Target spending obscene amounts of money on things that are very much not needed. 
After deciding I've wasted enough money and time for the day I head back home.
Work on blog posts, edit/film some YouTube videos, or take a nap. Usually its a combination of all three, accompanied by a snack of baby carrots, whole grain gold fish, or fruit leather.
6:00 Dinner is always right around this time. You can ask any of my roommates where I am at 6:00 and they'll all say making dinner. They'll also always say I am making steamed broccoli (sometimes asparagus), chicken breast, and either a baked potato or brown rice. I literally have some variation of this meal every single night and I am perfectly happy with that. Sometimes is orange chicken, sometimes it's BBQ. Occasionally its a veggie burger in place of  the chicken, but that's rare. 
After cleaning up dinner I find more things to do to waste time.
9:00 Head to the gym. I like going late because it's at least a tiny bit less crowded and I'm a tiny bit less likely to see anyone I may know. I usually start with 45 mins of cardio (either running or elliptical), and then follow with legs or abs. I hardly do arms because I am weak and I like my small arms as they are. 
Eventually I run out of water and good music and decided I'm done with the day so I head home, sometimes have a small snack if I'm feeling snacky, take off my makeup, and settle in with some netflix or a movie before falling asleep anywhere between 11:00pm-4:00am. Once again, It ranges vastly. 

That's all folks! A day in the life. Sounds lovely, does it not? 

Day Eleven: Last book you read
Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth
Read it, cry about it, fall in love with it. Such an addicting series!!

Day Twelve: Something you miss
1: The Thirsty Three
2: New York City
3: My dog
4: Summer and lake days and being tan
5: My parents (who are going to be here in 2 days! Yay!)



March 9, 2014


How do people hold hands while running on 2 separate treadmills and why is it even necessary? Why does over half of Provo consider Gold's Gym a prime place for date night? I'm convinced that the majority of the females at Gold's are actually just husband hunting (hence the full face of makeup and the push-up bras). No, I don't want to watch you make out in the corner of the weight room or watch you hold hands while you jog on the treadmills or share headphones while you sit next to each other on the stationary bikes....I don't even want to work out anymore....I just want to throw up all over your gross relationship.

Can David Archuleta come home from his dang mission already and marry me? 

I've about reached my limit with Utah's weather. It is currently 60 outside without a cloud in the sky and Tuesday its supposed to snow. This make me incredibly unhappy on many levels. Utah, get you ish together and pick a dang season already!

How come boys like to do this thing where they make you feel awesome once day and the next day decide that you literally no longer exist on the same planet as him? This has become quite a conundrum in my life. Hi, remember me? Yes, yes I am actually still a human being and yes I am still here and YES my number is still in your phone. Luckily I came to my senses at the unsightly hour of 2am and I filmed a video of me explaining to my future self why I am a strong independent woman and that I deserve flowers thrown all around as I walk by. #swerve

Things that also aren't funny: how pale my legs are. 

Why can't I just get a degree in being an excellent mother and loving wife and a caring friend? Why is that not a thing?

Having emotions is really annoying. 

Thursday I am hiking to the Y for the first time and I've already begun mentally preparing myself. I've heard its a doozy.

Whats up with Provo boys and mopeds? I am utterly confused by this phenomenon.

I am all out of sassy things to say. Happy Sunday!

Spring Wish List

Ruffled Hems
I am absolutely loving this trend. I think it turns any simple shirt into something so unique. I am all about lots of texture in an outfit and the extra ruffle brings a whole new fabric in to play. Its the perfect amount of femininity in a simple top. I must find something like this for my spring wardrobe. 
Denim, Denim, Denim
There are oh so many versions of denim that I want to get my hands on this season. Denim is a huge trend, especially layering different types of denim in one outfit. Since its spring-time, I like to keep the denim light and lose. "Boyfriend" fit denim is my new best friend because its lose and lengthy, perfect for casual days when you just want to be comfortable. I also think a denim vest is the all-time perfect layering piece because its sleeveless so you're not dying of heat, but it adds an extra texture to the outfit. Camo has become the new neutral for the spring and I am all about mixing camo with a variety of other prints. Its perfect with polka dots, stripes, small floral patterns, and so much more. I need camo jeans. 

Bathing Suits
I have a love/hate relationship with all things swimwear. I personally think that not a single style looks good on my hawaiian hips. I'm hoping to try some high-waisted suits this year since they're basically a reverse tankini so modest is still hottest but I look less like a 8 year old and more like an 18 year old. Also I love bathing suit tops with ruffles or bows or anything like that since I am basically the president of the flat chested club. Any extra details to add a little boost on top is always welcome.
Embroidered Tops
The boho trend is my new best friend and I love the detailing in these tops. Its my favorite way to incorporate floral into your spring wardrobe. Its so versatile too because you can find every color rang imaginable from rainbow neon to soft earthy tones. They're so pretty and airy and I just love how natural it looks on billowy linen blouses. It's girly without looking superficial and prissy. 
Tick Tock on the Clock
I have this problem where I love analog watches but I don't actually know how to tell time on them. Kate Spade is actually my soul sister and her watch line is my all time favorite. The colors and hardware all scream spring to me and I need to get my hands on one of these. I want one that is bright and quirky but still classic enough to wear on a day to day basis no matter what I'm pairing it with. They're all so beautiful it is going to be impossible to chose. 

Days 7-9 + Late Night Rambling

Day Seven: Dream job
Doesn't everyone just want to be Meryle Streep in The Devil Wears Prada? 
To be honest, my ultimate dream job is to just be an amazing wife and mother to my future spouse and family. But I also know that being a stay at home mom will eventually become incredibly redundant and boring for someone like me who loves to be out and about and constantly busy with something new so that is why I would love Love LOVE to get into the fashion/beauty world. As I have mentioned on here previously, I would love to do some sort of fashion blogging/fashion journalism type of thing. I have a huge love for the written word and am constantly scribbling down my thoughts in journals and blogs and of course, twitter. To be able to write about what I love most (fashion, beauty, health, fitness, food, etc...) and be able to call it my job and establish relationships with brands and companies as well as my readers would be awesome. At the end of the day, I just want to help people put their best self out in the world. Whether those people are my children, my husband, or my readers, it doesn't matter. I want to be able to inspire confidence and happiness in the people around me.

Day Eight: Biggest pet peeve
My biggest pet peeves are absolutely ridiculous and way harsh and critical but they're just silly things that bother me to no end. 
1: When people say "Pretty much" before a sentence. For example, "SO pretty much today I blah blah blah...". I'm not sure why this bothers me, it just does. It sounds dumb and I just don't understand the point of wasting your breath on those unnecessary words.
2: Girls who don't dress for the weather. Or girls who are just very seasonally confused. For example....uggs with shorts are one big fat NO. Also, flip flops and a snow jacket. Stop mixing seasons. There's no way your feet are warm just because you have a snow jacket covering your arms. Dress for the weather or enjoy hypothermia. The decision is yours.
3: Winky faces over text. They're just weird and need to not be a thing. 

Day Nine: Your bucket list
My bucket list is actually unreasonably long so I will spare you a list of 136 outrageous things and give ya the top 5!
Five: Work at Disney as a princess
Four: Visit NYC at Christmas time and go ice skating at Rockefeller Center 
Three: Sit front row at a Taylor Swift concert
Two: Run a 1/2 marathon
One: Get married in the temple

It is currently 1:16am and I'm working out/making banana bread/listening to 90's throwback music because I took an extremely unnecessary 4 hour nap today. 
Also this weekend we went to a dance party that basically only played 70's disco music all night and yes I had a fabulous time. 
And my parents are coming in a week! You know what that on pictures on pictures (and free food of course). 
And this Tuesday me and the roomie are going to SLC for Disney auditions. Its totally for fun and we're not expecting to make it past the first round but wish us luck. Who knows, I may be the next Queen Elsa! 
And I registered for classes for spring/summer term and have already begun mentally preparing myself to die this next semester. 16 credits plus working plus trying to maybe have a life is actually my definition of hell but one of my classes is Scuba Diving. Yes, you read that correctly. 4 hours Wednesday nights. And at the end of the semester, if you pass the class, you become certified as an open water scuba diver. Frick yes!
Also, I've put myself on this diet that I think I have cheated on every single day this week but basically I'm not supposed to eat white carbs like white bread, white rice, and pastries and stop eating soda because the Mountain Dew addiction is way too real and also no chocolate chips because I developed this issue where I eat handful upon handful of chocolate chips daily. And nothing fried like french fries and chips and tempura sushi rolls and donuts. To be honest I've actually done really well except I had pizza once and I had soda once (but it was diet) and I had a SWIG cookie once which I am almost positive is laced with heroine or crystal meth or something of that nature because they're so addicting it is truly out of this world.
And last but not least, there is a new video up on my YouTube channel so go watch if you enjoy makeup and hair and fashion and all that kinda stuff!  

March 6, 2014

Days 4-6

Day Four: Best childhood memory

Clearly there's a trend arising on this blog that is anything Disney = Happiness. Picking a favorite childhood memory is hard because honestly I am still in my childhood and the memories are still happening. I honestly couldn't decided between this trip and when my parents surprised me with a car on my 16th birthday and only ended up choosing this because I actually have pictures from the trip on my computer here in Utah. 

This trip to Disney World was unlike any other Disney trip I have ever taken because this one was 100% a surprise. I had no idea my parents we're planning it and when they finally told me about 2 weeks before we were to depart, I was completely shocked. I hate surprises and I  almost always find them out so they definitely worked hard to pull this off.

The entire week in Disney World was so much fun and our little family has many inside jokes from those 7 days to laugh about now. Plus to top it all off, it was Christmas time so everything was decorated and all the special shows and parades were going on. We had a blast and I am so very lucky that my parents are so sneaky and love Disney just as much as I do!

Day Five: Movies you never get sick of watching

1: My love for all things 80's lives strong in movie classics such as The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink. There's just something about teenage angst and romance and rebellion, not to mention the fashion and music, that I simply cant get enough off. 
2: Hi, I am a classic teenage white girl and I am unreasonably obsessed with Frozen. Yes I saw it 4 times in theaters. Yes I know every song by heart. Yes I spent an obscene amount of money on a stuffed animal Olf doll from Disneyland. 
3: Does this one even need an explanation? If you know me at all then this would come as no surprise to you. Harry Potter is my life. I had to have my parents personally ship all 8 DVD's out to me here in Utah because I was having severe withdraws. I watch at least one of the eight movies a week. You're welcome to join me.  

Day Six: Last random act of kindness

Kindness is something I feel is all in the little things. A simple smile, a hello to someone sitting all alone, complimenting a stranger, offering a hug, giving advice to your best friend, putting someones happiness before your own...all these things often go unnoticed and unrecognized, but I feel that's the truest form of kindness there is. Kindness needs no praise or reward. I try to do nice things for others simply to see them happy and that's all there is to it. I try and fill my day with all those things I listed above. My hope is that maybe if someone sees me smiling at them, then they'll smile at someone new too. Then the cycle will continue and soon the whole world will be smiling. Wouldn't that be great? :)

March 5, 2014

Self-Timer Selfies

Monday's are always a little rough but this past one was particularly emotionally draining on many levels. Luckily, the sun was out and the winds were calm and the canyon was calling my name. Strawberries were packed and spring colors were thrown on in a rush to get out the door before the next storm blew in and off we drove with the windows down and the music up. Everything was a mix of winter and spring and as it being my first time up Provo Canyon, I was in constant awe of Gods creations. Then we pulled to the side of the road and took many shameless selfies with the self-timer setting on my camera that just so happen to now be some of my favorite pictures to ever exist. Lets all agree that my roomie is dang cute. She is the cheese to my macaroni...except I hate mac&cheese so that was a horrible reference. 

Also, there's a new video up on my YouTube channel so go watch if you want to know what I was loving in the month of February!

\\\On me///
Sweater: American Eagle
Skirt: Target
Boots: Cathy Jean
Necklace: Francesca's collection