July 27, 2014

Monique Mejorado

I've been itching to do a photo shoot lately and while texting my girl Mo at 5:30pm on Saturday, I asked her if she wanted to be my model for the evening. She didn't even hesitate to say yes and soon enough we were driving down to Orangevale to this sweet bridge that goes over the river. She's so fun to work with because not only does she let me boss her around while I position her in super strange poses, but she also wasn't even a little scared to go sit on the cliffs and climb on tree roots that hung over the side of the bluffs. And to top it all off, her eye brow game is always on point. She's a beauty, inside and out. Just let the pictures speak for themselves...

July 19, 2014

Collette Astle

Back in my Utah days, I got the chance to have gorgeous roommates. They're all aspiring actresses/Broadway stars/musicians with so much talent. One of them was this little lady, Collette, who became my resident "big sister". Not only did she give the worlds best advice, but she put up with me on the best days and the worst days. We borrowed each others clothes, we sang songs in the kitchen, we went to the gym together, we made cookies and ate them all in one sitting while talking about getting healthy, we cried about boys, we danced the night away, and we both worked at the hell hole called Spoon it Up. I'm sooooo lucky that I got such awesome roommates my first time being away from home. They became my family in the very best ways and looked out for me all the time. 

Now enough with all that, I'm posting today because I've been going through a lot of pictures I've taken in the past for a portfolio I have to submit on the first day of my Photography class at school. I came across some old head shots I took of Collette for a modeling gig she was applying for. I edited some of my faves a little more and I just cant not share these. I means look at her.

I'm alwaaaaays looking for people to take some pictures of so I can practice my skills. Feel free to contact me at taylorgirlyoutube@yahoo.com and we can set up a shoot!

July 11, 2014

My Sister's Tee GIVEAWAY!

on me: Shirt/My Sisters Tee, Shorts/Forever 21, Bralette/Urban Outfitters, Necklaces/ Forever 21

Hip hip hooray for today's giveaway (intentional rhyming?)
I'm so excited to be hosting this giveaway with the company My Sister's Tee.
I was asked by Aly and Alicia to share their amazing company with all my lovely blogger and youtuber friends and how could I possibly resist comfy, over sized, worn in, uplifting tee shirts that literally go with anything. Plus, they're the sweetest girls and their story behind the company is one I love so very much. 

"At My Sister's Tee we believe that while we are all different we are also all the same. We are inspired. We are love. We are sisters."

As you can see above, I'm wearing the "Be the Good" tee in the dolman style and can I just say, this is the comfiest, coziest, softest tee ever. I may or may not have worn it all day, slept in it, and wore it the next day too (is that gross or....?). And lets be honest, who doesn't love a good over-sized graphic tee to throw on when we're having one of those day's where we need to leave in 5 minuets and our closet might be full of clothes, but there's absolutely nothing to wear. Am I right?

Well, you're in luck! Today I'm teaming up with some of my lovely blogger friends to offer you the chance to win you're very own tee of your choice from My Sister's Tee! This giveaway will run for 1 week and we will announce 4 winners next Friday. All you have to do to enter is go down below and do any of the tasks your heart desires. The more you do, the more entries you get. Its that easy!

And best of all, if you just can't wait to see if you've won, you can use this special discount code for 10% off right now! This code is Wink, and all you need to do is enter it at checkout. Everyone deserves a good tee shirt so go get you one today!

You can visit My Sisters Tee by clicking here.

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July 6, 2014

Party in The USA

Finally a weekend worth writing about! I've been busy busy busy since Thursday with all things american. It's been 4 days full of Fireworks, BBQs, long boarding, popsicles, hiking, family, and San Francisco too! 

Lets begin with Thursday shall we? 
It's always been a little tradition of ours to go watch fireworks at the golf course that my grandparents live on. They do a pretty decent show and we get to lay out on the driving range and they have dancing and food. Its real fun and this year didn't disappoint. We got there extra early and set up camp for the evening and spent the rest of the time chatting with my mom. Love that women. Need boy advice, girl advice, life advice, school advice? She's the lady for you. Then the fireworks began and in the midst of the oohs and awes, the sprinklers came on and I've never laughed so hard in my life. Luckily, we were out of the danger zone, but all the people around us got absolutely soaked. It was even more entertaining than the fireworks.

Friday was the actual 4th of July. We woke up early and went on a super pretty hike along the south fork of the American River. Then it was lunch and naps and showers before I went out to buy some things to set on fire for the evening festivities. I planned on only buying maybe 20-30 sparklers with my handful of dollar bills but newsflash, 15$ can actually get you 95 sparklers. 95 SPARKLERS! This is like 4th of July heaven. Lindsey came over for BBQ dinner and then we went to the fairground for some froyo and fireworks. What's more american than that? The bad news is, the fireworks sucked. The good news is we took about 16,000 pictures. 

also we sort of forgot to wear red white and blue. hopefully we don't get deported or something.
After the crapshow at the fairgrounds, the real fun began. 95 sparklers. NINETY FREAKING FIVE.
Also, i'll spare you the picture overload because I'm not even exaggerating when I say we took over 3000 pictures of ourselves playing with the sparklers.

Also, Lindsey almost set me on fire and we got hit on by a couple of drunk guys. #winning

Saturday I drove to SF all by myself with only one anxiety attack. Yay for Taylor!
I had some super fun youtube stuff to do. I know I say this all the time, but I sure do love my job! We met up, had a tea party and a real life tea party place, and the took an uber to Alamo Square (where the full house house is) to film some outfit videos. Unfortunately, it windy beyond belief and we all wore dresses. We got some awesome footage though. Can't wait to get the video up soon! 

You know that song Miley sings about a party in the USA? This weekend was basically it. Yay for freedom and america and good food and great people. I'm loving life and it's loving me right back!

Here's a selfie for your enjoyment. Goodnight everybody.